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2018 Events

Previously from CATS - September 15, 2018


On behalf of the Japanese American Women Alumnae of UC Berkeley (JAWAUCB), the UC Berkeley Japanese American Studies Advisory Committee, and the Contemporary Asian Theater Scene (CATS), please join us for the world premiere showing of “Pool of Unknown Wonders: Undertow of the Soul” and a special post-production discussion with award-winning playwright Philip Kan Gotanda on Saturday, September 15th, at 4 PM at Julia Morgan Hall located at 1821 Catalina Avenue in Berkeley.

At the center of this surreal drama is six unexpected companions who find themselves on a voyage that leads to the darkest corners of their own humanity – and beyond.

An exploration of identity, community, and prejudice, this tale inspired by Hermann Hesse’s Journey to the East offers a fresh, visceral, and urgent exploration of the human longing for wholeness, identity, and belonging.

For tickets and additional information about the production, please go to: Pool of Unknown Wonders Tickets and Info for 9/15 at 4 PM.

Previously from CATS - June 3rd, 2018

4th Annual Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

Previously from CATS - Screening January 4, 2018

Screening of Jory

Screening of Jory was held at Starbright Theaters in Campbell. This is a celebration for the Jory creators celebrating the submission/creation of the film to the HBO Visionaries Film Competition and to celebrate Asian American content creators in our community.

Congratulations to the Jory Cast and Crew.

The CATS board and family at the screening

A few of the manyf friends of the Jory Cast and Crew that came out for the sold out screening.

Jory - A movie short

CATS is proud to be Associate Producer of the film short, JORY.

JORY is a story about a young Asian American teenager who struggles to find a home between his love for dance and his relentless, immigrant parents who want what's "best for him."

The film is inspired by the hardships of first-generation Asian Americans who grow up with "tiger parents" and are constantly told to meet extremely high expectations, whether that means sacrificing sleep, extracurricular activities, or mental health.

This short film will explore the perspectives of both first-generation Asian Americans and their immigrant parents and what it means to be a good parent or a good immigrant son/daughter or none of those.xt

Caleb Jo - Executive Producer

Masora Fukura - Producer

Carl Molina - Director

Emily Lew - Producer

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