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2015 Events

Previously from CATS - October 10, 2015

AACI Annual Fundraiser - Gordon N. Chan Leadership Award

CATS Founder, Jerry Hiura was honored with the AACI Gordon N. Chan Leadership Award. This award was named after beloved AACI leader, Gordon Chan who cared deeply about the community. He served as an AACI board member, board chair, and interim executive director, and was instrumental in ensuring AACI’s longevity and success. The Gordon N. Chan Leadership Award is given to leaders who have done exceptional work for the community and exemplify Gordon Chan’s leadership traits of generosity, compassion, commitment, and advocacy.

AACI 2015 Honorees

Lucia Cha and Dr. Jerry Hiura

Jerry receiving the Gordon N. Chan Leadership Award

Congratulations from CATS to AACI and Jerry

Jerry's acceptance speech

CATS Board Members, Cindy Toy, Jerry Hiura, Caroline Moore with Mike Inouye, NBC Anchor

Previously from CATS - September 19, 2015

CAAMFest San Jose 2015 - Chinese Couplets

CHINESE COUPLETS San Jose State Alumni and Bay Area’s own Felicia Lowe offers perhaps her most deeply personal film with CHINESE COUPLETS. Featuring Lowe’s own mother, whom she calls the “hardest story for her to crack,” CHINESE COUPLETS follows three generations of Chinese women as Lowe searches for answers about her mother’s emigration to the United States. Director Felicia Lowe will be in attendance. Saturday, September 19 at 6pm at Camera 3 Cinema

Previously from CATS - May 29 - 31, 2015

San Jose J-Town FilmFest 2015